“You don’t need brains to be a painter, just feelings.”

Laurence Stephen Lowry, or L.S. Lowry for short, was born in Manchester in 1887. He started drawing at the age of eight and spent 20 years of his life learning art in part-time education. At age 16, Lowry left school and secured a job in a chartered accountant’s firm. In his desire to be a serious artist, Lowry kept his professional and artistic life completely separate. It was not disclosed until after his death that he had worked for most of his life, as well as being an artist. His early training was at the Municipal College of Art in Manchester, where his teacher was French artist Adolphe Valette. Valette introduced him to Impressionism, but Lowry went on to develop his own unique style.

“An artist can’t produce great art unless he has a philosophy. He can’t say something unless he has something to say.”


Britain At Play
Fever Van
Going to the Match
Station Approach