“I don’t like theorizing about my work myself, but that’s not to say I have no interest in theory. Other people are free to say what they want about my work.”

David Shrigley

David Shrigley OBE is a British visual artist. He is best known for his iconic cartoonish drawings of childlike imagery such as animals, food or toys drawn in vibrant colour, combined with deadpan text fragments from overheard conversations or Freudian slips. His work taps into the quick and punchy spirit of contemporary visual culture, gaining him an audience far beyond merely the commercial art world. He constantly challenges boundaries between high and low art through his signature, subversive humour and clever combinations of text and image.

David Shrig

Fire Hydrant
I Love Pets
I'm Sorry But I Can't Promise It Wont Happen Again
Stop Panicking
Please Shut Up And Eat Your Banana
Black Cats
To Hell With Zoos
Be Kind To Everyone
Live Each Day As If It Were Your First
Wine, Drink It Quickly
Old Dog
I Try To Be Friendly
Balance The Ball On Your Nose
I Hate Human Beings
You Will Not Stop Me From Singing My Song