“The life I live is my art work.”

American born Alec Monopoly is an anonymous graffiti artist. Originally from New York City, he has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 2006. Growing up in NYC with an artist mother, Monopoly considers himself a lifelong artist. Refraining from formal training for pursuing a career in street art, Monopoly has become one of the foremost urban artists. His unique style is playful, rather than the typical grim slant of street art, giving his art a relatable quality. He is famous for his use of iconic pop figures and signature depiction of the Monopoly game mascot character. By combining elements of the game’s characters with clippings from newspapers, the artist blends Pop Art with cultural and social criticism. Using urban environments, Monopoly exposes issues with bureaucratic hierarchies and the American dream.

Han Solo
Richie Rich
Twinkle Eyes Monopoly