“6 dots and 2 lines was the quickest way to draw a human figure without getting caught.”

Stik is an anonymous British Street Artist. He is famous for his iconic images of stick figures painted on walls and surfaces around the world. Born in the mid-1980s in London, the Artist, like his contemporary Banksy, has revealed little about his personal life. Despite his fame he remains careful and respectful of the community who live amidst his work. For Stik, the community relationship is central to his process of making street art. He states that “I always get the endorsement of the people who actually live there. That’s the most important thing’. His figures tell the story of his community, and he extends that by working with hospitals, charities, and homeless organisations.

Holding Hands (Full Set)
Walk (Teal)
Diva (Red)
Walk (Red)
Sleeping Baby (Nude)
Book (Deluxe Print) (Pink)
Sleeping Baby (Yellow)